4th Annual Cow Plop

Join us for our 4th Annual Cow Plop! All you have to do is purchase a square (or two, or three) and hope that Janis, our beautiful cow, plops a 💩 in it!

Each square is $20 (there is no limit on the amount of squares you can purchase)
JANIS SPECIAL – if you purchase 5 squares for $100, you get a 6th square for free!

Methods of Payment
1) You can purchase in person at the Edmondson Telford Center, located at 603 Washington Street.
2) Venmo us! The QR code is on the ticket (pictured below) as well as our Instagram. You can also search for @ET-CAC. Please include the following three things in the “What’s it for?” box: your name, your phone number and the cow emoji. After purchase, you will receive a text to confirm with a picture of your ticket numbers. Simple!

It will be available to stream on Facebook and Youtube.

Venmo – Please include YOUR NAME and PHONE number and specify for: Cow Plop.